The Accountability Network is a group of people like you, who commit to keeping each other accountable for their goals. 

How do we do that?
  • We hold monthly networking events where you are matched to a preferred accountability partner (another member of the community - don't worry, you both have to like each other, it's like speed dating for productivity!).

  • You and your accountability partner are free to keep each other on track in a way that suits you both, supported by us.​

  • At the monthly networking event you have the opportunity to share your progress & your struggles with the accountability community. 

  • With a standard monthly subscription, you get a 40% discount on the ticket price of our monthly in-person Emotion events, featuring talks with some of the best executive coaches, helping you to understand and process your emotions, so that you can get done the things that might be scaring you, and live a more fulfilling life. 

    • Our VIP subscription package offers free entry to this event

  • We offer you practical support & advice to help you and your accountability partner to keep each other on track (suggested strategies, helpful articles, talks at our monthly networking events)

  • You each get a free 1 hour exploratory planning session with Barbara Gunter, Accountability Coach at Your Own Virtual Boss. 

    • Our VIP subscription package gives you a monthly 1 hour coaching call. ​

  • You get access to our supportive online community, and to our library of talks & articles.